Operation Proud to Serve You Again!!


A new 503c non-profit Operation Proud To Serve You Again (OPTSYA) received its PA Entity in December 2013,

OPTSYA is specifically for veterans who are under-employed, not employed, and lack a civilian work environment sense of purpose and feel. In order to fill the gaps in a Veteran’s need to access business development capital, Operation Proud To Serve You Again accelerates getting Veterans on an accountable path to achieve their personal income goals over a 3-year period to increase regional economic development.

VETaxi has signed on as an existing business model laboratory partner to prove the concept though Operation Rising Star, because it already subscribes to many of this entrepreneur and small business development components.

OPTSYA will partner with existing business models to help Veterans to become

The partnership between optsuYA and Business Organizations such as Vetaxi is to prove the concept of accelerating the transformation of qualified basic workers into entrepreneurs to own/grow their own specialized small business (e.g. transportation).OPTSYA wants to hit head on the world of work disconnects apparently felt by the 42% of the veteran population that Pugh Research concludes are “at risk” primarily because they lack purpose or vested interest in the mission or outcome of an employer’s job opportunity.

The three economic GOALS of Operation Proud To Serve You Again are:

1. increasing sustainable business ownership opportunities for Veterans

2. mitigating the risk of lending to Veterans

3. accelerating achievement of income goals for Veterans. Recognizing that a primary reason the USA military exists is to preserve freedom, optsuYA will be refining an alternative model to significantly mitigate the challenges Veterans face to secure their rightful and optimized place in the free enterprise economic system.

A nonprofit helping Veterans to succeed in opportunities.