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  1. Veterans submit online request.
    a. OPTSYA staff contact the Veteran.
    b. OPTSYA staff helps mentor and review the information and help the Veteran with a Business plan. The Business Plan is then reviewed by our panel of Mentors, which will help secure a sound structure for the plan.
    c. A grant request is submitted by applicant and then reviewed.
    d. After the Veterans Business plan is approved, then OPTSYA will schedule the Veteran an appointment to receive award.
    e. If the Vets Business needs additional funding, our financial partners will help to guide the Veteran to additional funding.

Model Partners: Are CEO’s and Businesses leaders who are on the advisory board who will help mentor the Veteran Business Owner for 2 years after completion of the OPTSYA program. These leaders are Veterans and successful business leaders in the area of interest of the Veteran Owned Business.

Current Model Partners:
VETaxi has signed on as an existing business model laboratory partner to prove the concept because it already subscribes to many of these entrepreneur and small business development components. Based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania VETaxi is transportation solution for purpose made vehicles for Taxi, Limo & Medical transportation within the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
• Owner Drivers are Veterans
• APP and Dispatch for all areas
• Vehicles
o Accessible for Medical Transport
o Alternative Vehicles; Electric or CNG
VETcycle is an operating cycle delivery service and tour cycle program staring in Florida and in Pittsburgh.

In 2014, OPTSYA and VETaxi are documenting the specific circumstances and realities of Veterans working as independent contractor drivers (IRS 1099s) who are appropriate candidates to progress from working as taxi / car services drivers to owners/operators, and finally managing this small transportation business. The 2014 outcome is a detailed operations mechanism for best practices to ensure that Veterans can:

  1. Be recruited most efficiently for taxi / car services driver work with VETaxi Licensees in Atlanta and VETaxi in Pittsburgh
  2. Retain their job within the taxi / car services segment of the transportation industry
  3. Become Vetrepreneurs, if and when qualified for advancement, with access to business development capital

  4. Achieve personal income goals during a period of 3 years after beginning work with access to education, training, empowerment programs, and other wrap-around management services to ensure business success.
    The partnership between OPTSYA and VETaxi is to prove the concept of accelerating the transformation of qualified basic workers (e.g. drivers) into entrepreneurs to own/grow their own specialized small business (e.g. transportation). OPTSYA wants to hit head on the world of work disconnects apparently felt by the 42% of the veteran population that Pugh Research concludes are “at risk” primarily because they lack purpose or vested interest in the mission or outcome of an employer’s job opportunity. The three economic GOALS of Operation Proud To Serve You Again are:
  5. Increasing sustainable business ownership opportunities for Veterans
  6. Mitigating the risk of lending to Veterans
  7. Accelerating achievement of income goals for Veterans.
    Recognizing that a primary reason the USA military exists is to preserve freedom; OPTSYA will be refining an alternative model to significantly mitigate the challenges Veterans face to secure their rightful and optimized place in the free enterprise economic system.

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